The Epitome of a Lady

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Just talk
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In the modern era of the twenty-first century, the term lady is not a commonly used description of women. When I think of the term lady, my mind goes back to the old age, in which women were seen as women of power. A lady is a woman whom has high standards, confidence, and is independent. She has to have standards that surpass the average woman, in that she will not settle for less. Her standards would be one such a high scale that even those around her would want to work hard to be by her side. While a lady is seen as someone with power, she is also sophisticated and holds great beauty. She walks and speaks with confidence; almost as if she believes that she is fit to be a queen. A true lady is someone who is able to gain power with skill through her beauty and knowledge. A lady is intelligent and highly advanced with a mature aura. Those around a lady will naturally feel that she is a successful individual and not one to be trifled with. In my opinion, a lady is also an individual that does not need to depend on the strength of other in order to accomplish a goal or to take care of herself. Women of power, knowledge, skill, beauty, and dominance are the true characteristics of a lady, yet rarely are these characteristics seen in a woman. To become a lady, one must have true determination and a strong will that is not inferior to that of men.


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