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In the modern era of the twenty-first century, the term lady is not a commonly used description of women. When I think of the term lady, my mind goes back to the old age, in which women were seen as women of power. A lady is a woman whom has high standards, confidence, and is independent. She has to have standards that surpass the average woman, in that she will not settle for less. Her standards would be one such a high scale that even those around her would want to work hard to be by her side. While a lady is seen as someone with power, she is also sophisticated and holds great beauty. She walks and speaks with confidence; almost as if she believes that she is fit to be a queen. A true lady is someone who is able to gain power with skill through her beauty and knowledge. A lady is intelligent and highly advanced with a mature aura. Those around a lady will naturally feel that she is a successful individual and not one to be trifled with. In my opinion, a lady is also an individual that does not need to depend on the strength of other in order to accomplish a goal or to take care of herself. Women of power, knowledge, skill, beauty, and dominance are the true characteristics of a lady, yet rarely are these characteristics seen in a woman. To become a lady, one must have true determination and a strong will that is not inferior to that of men.


                  What went wrong?  That’s what I ask myself, when I’m alone with my thoughts. Our relationship was going well and there was a mutual attraction. In fact, I even believed that there could be a future with him. However it all went downhill without my knowledge. I fell for him fast and hard and now I’m struggling to get back up. He seemed perfect in my eyes with his deep brown eyes and wide smile. To be honest, I think that I was won over by his smile. To say the least, I was mesmerized by a smile that was surrounded with full lips and accented by straight white teeth. I was pulled in by his booming, joyous laugh and I made it a goal to try to make him laugh. I would light up with pure joy when he spoke or was merely in my presence. Of course, I realized the hard way that I shouldn’t have listened to my heart. I should have kept it locked away in a dark abyss with no way to unlock it.  He didn’t do anything to warrant pure hate, but he brought about the jealousy and frustration in me. He loved someone else.

One New One Old

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Just talk
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Hey guys, I have some news for you! Of course, it’s both good news and bad news, but which one do you want to know first? You don’t know, you say?! Well I’ll start for you, not too long ago I had the best friend in the world. He was there for me when I drown in sadness and even when I go to sleep at night, I must say he is a warm foot pillow. Now, I know what you must be thinking, “Who’s this guy?!” He’s not exactly a guy, well he is a male, but he is none other than my dog named Eddie! He is a mix of a Rottweiler and a Doberman.The most gorgeous dog in the world in my opinion. However, I just recently lost him to an unexpected seizure. My mom let him out into the backyard thinking he kept bothering her because he wanted to go out, which is what he normally did, and then she went back outside later to get him. Unfortunately, we lost him in the unexpected seizure outside. He was still, cold, and dead. I will never forget that day that I lost my best friend and family. This is sort of in his memory, with his crazy loveable self.


The good news in this situation is that I have a puppy! When you think of puppies don’t you just think of fluffy and cute? I do, my puppy came from one of my other dogs. Her name is Trina and she was pregnant, but unfortunately the rest of the litter died and I was only able to save one. That one puppy that I saved went throw Hell with me, if I say so myself. I raised him basically from birth, from feeding out of a bottle to weaning him. I named the little fluffy creature Taro, which means tiger in japaneae. I can tell you now, one thing I’m really into is Japanese culture. My poor dog is what I would say with enthusiasm, but not so much with the fact that he is a disaster! When I mean disaster, I mean biting, chasing at you till no end, tripping you while you try to avoid stepping on him, chewing on anything possible, and just being plain fat. I would call him a menace, but I’m already trapped in the cuteness trap and lured in to be the worst victim case ever. Although Eddie may be gone, I will gladly welcome this little nuisance into my family. He is an American Bull Dog and I’m pretty sure he’ll grow into a force to be reckoned with.


Worst Day Ever

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Just talk
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It was a good morning. I was waking up to the chirping birds and the bright sun, with a swoosh in my hair. I got ready for school singing a song by Katy Parry and singing my soul out, even though it sounded like a rat was dying in a corner. Not! It was a terrible morning. I was as groggy and mean like those short little gremlins, that turn ugly when wet. The bird weren’t chirping, it was more like a screeching pierce in the air that could get Rick Ross running out the country to safety. Sunny and bright? Yeah right, more like an evil smirk with a red “halo” trying to burn me to a crisp like little ants.


That morning was terrible! Why you ask? You’ll find out when I’m finished talking.

Now then, where did i leave off? Oh yes, I remember. I woke up that morning in a haze from staying up all night finishing my homework and studying for a mountain load of tests quizzes. Remembering what i had to do that day, I stomped over to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth, while looking into the mirror. “I look like a burned bush with dead animals thrown into it,” I told myself with a half frown. Then I went to take my shower and guess what happens next, I fell and hit my back on the edge of the tub! Oh what a disaster, now I had to go to school with a back ache, what else can go wrong? The answer to that is plenty!

Skipping ahead to my ride to school, I went into the passenger seat with my dad in the driver seat. I was peace and quiet at first, where I could collect my thoughts and brace myself for the school day. But no that plan was foiled once my dad started talking, I was so irritated afterwards that I don’t even remember what he was talking about. All I can remember is walking into school looking i could shoot lasers out my eyes and pulverize someone to oblivion. In the end I didn’t but just one more push and i was ready to blow with the vengeance of the devil!


By the end of the day, that push didn’t come, but I was definitely more stressed than that morning. You know what can fix all this? A good dinner, some soda, a movie,a book and a good night rest! Thankfully the next day was a Saturday.Image


Did anyone else have a bad day? Go ahead and let off some steam!



Posted: May 5, 2013 in Just talk

Have you ever been really angry? But, you don’t know how to let it out? Don’t beat up on other people. You should get a hobby or you could try video games. Either one would work fine, in fact anything is better than hurting others physically. While we are thinking of that, make sure u don’t mentally hurt anyone either.