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They say I feel too much

They say I’m too attached

They say that i don’t know anything

But I know,

I know that I feel too much

I know that when I feel

I fall, hard and deep

So deep that it hurts

So deep that it’s hard to get out

What i don’t know

Is when can I let go

When can I come to terms

When will I give up

When will I see that I’m not the one


Cutting Off the Lights

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Poem
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Close your Eyes

Plug your Ears

Empty your Mind

It will be all right

Don’t fret

Don’t Panic

Don’t feel

Don’t look

Don’t hear

Don’t Think




No chance, No hope

I’m big, I’m plump.

Not pretty enough

Too tall, Not short.

No makeup, No clothes.

No heels, No skirt.

She’s pretty,

I’m not.

I’m plain,

She’s not.

No qualities of her.

There are not enough characteristics,

For hope.

She’s light,

But I’m dark….

Pride and Glory

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poem

Pride and Glory

The most prized possession

The most pure and unique

It has its own worth


Pride is your own love

You value yourself

You do your best in everything

You look down on others

And it has a sharp sting


Glory is given in honor

You save the weak

You are humble and gentle

But it has a weakness

You take too much pride

Your glory isn’t everything


Pride and Glory

They are both such good things

But take it another way

It can be your murderer

Take away your Pride and Glory

The joy of life and the world


But what does Pride and Glory have to do with death?

It doesn’t

It goes away

No one cares

Even the Heaven above could careless


So what is the use of Pride and Glory?

There isn’t

It’s just for show

So don’t take it that way

Because you’ll end up alone

Innocence and Ignorance

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poem

Innocence and Ignorance
They are both the same kind
It’s sort of like the less you know
The better you can understand
It definitely won’t work for school
But what about a life lesson?

A life lesson

We can learn
Throughout our daily life

Lessons are formed
They help us in our daily strife

The lessons learned
Speak out of turn

Without your knowledge

And with a strike
For what you believe
And never leave

From your sight

“Trapped between the devil and the angel that I used to be”
This phrase matches perfectly.
It sums up the theme
Nothing happens until the first step
So I’ve heard

And so I’ve been told,
That these rights we have
Are worth dying for.
What rights?

They are no longer here
My right to bare arms
So what do I fight with?
When they pull a trick?

The trick to end my life
Will bare palms work?

And what has become of
My freedom of speech?
It’s more like free-less of speech

No one to teach
These young kids the truth
Who are willing to learn
Willing to burn

Taking in the fruitful knowledge
All these lies built into their heads

Our men have fought
Our men have died
We have taught
We have tried
To bend their minds
To change their kind
To bring them back to life

But I refuse to hold such lies
I have heard the children cry
They want the truth

No more lies
Well here it is.
We have no rights.
They lie.
They’ve tried
To bend me to their ways
And I refuse to sway


The day will come

The old ways change

Our rights will come

In their new age


So don’t worry

Don’t panic

The children

Will be safe

Free from rules

Free from lies


The new age

The new age

Is close

To their age


That’s the lesson

It needs to thought

Or proof


It strikes our mind

With new found truth

But does this count as

Innocence or Ignorance?


Posted: May 12, 2013 in Poem
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The sadness
The pain
The loneliness

Nothing can
The feeling
Of sorrow

The sadness
Of being alone
The pain
Of the loneliness
It all adds up
To a great
Ball of

It’s not
Some great
It’s something
You’d rather
Discard of
To disconnect
From your existence

Is stuck
To you
Like glue
You find
The one
Who loves
Like you


Posted: May 12, 2013 in Poem
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What’s love?
It’s warm
It’s sweet
And full
Of hugs

Love is essential
Love is everywhere
Whether you know
It or not

Love is hard
It can be easy
Or just plain

No matter what
You can’t run
Away from
This love

The beautiful
Feeling of

100 Hits

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Poem

100 hits
Your fits
And your fists
Stay away
Far away

Your presence
Kills me
On the inside out
The chills

Your abusive
Your hot headed
I need
To leave
Your grasp

The pain
The suffering
Go away!
Go away!

There’s only
One solution
To turn
The knife
Your way

The end
The hate
The gruesome killing
I’m free at last
No more Hits
That seem to last
Longer than it should

Shine Bright

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poem

Starry Heaven
Starry Night
Don’t take
My only soul

Pure and White
My soul of Might

That’s right
It’s tough
It’s Mighty
It fights
All because
I lived
My life

I don’t
Want the stars
To take
My life

I don’t want
To join
That team
Of light
The ground
The people

It may be
Not right
But I love
Its caring

It’s dimmer
Not that bright
But it’s just right
For my
I don’t want
To Shine Bright

Night Shade

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Poem

A perfect black
A perfect cover
The best shield

Why do people lie?
Why steal?
Why cheat?

It’s all
Of their own state
The state
Of confusion
Of delusion
Of a big mess

That shade of black
Are your lies
Your fears
And your crimes

Hiding behind
That black shield
Won’t save
Or protect

Be truthful
Be real
Be that better white

If not,
You can’t
Be saved
Or brought back
Once those shades
Of perfect black
Swallows you
Completely whole

Even white
Or gray
Not that crimson red
Nothing will
Take you out
Of that