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They say I feel too much

They say I’m too attached

They say that i don’t know anything

But I know,

I know that I feel too much

I know that when I feel

I fall, hard and deep

So deep that it hurts

So deep that it’s hard to get out

What i don’t know

Is when can I let go

When can I come to terms

When will I give up

When will I see that I’m not the one

No chance, No hope

I’m big, I’m plump.

Not pretty enough

Too tall, Not short.

No makeup, No clothes.

No heels, No skirt.

She’s pretty,

I’m not.

I’m plain,

She’s not.

No qualities of her.

There are not enough characteristics,

For hope.

She’s light,

But I’m dark….


Posted: May 12, 2013 in Poem
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The sadness
The pain
The loneliness

Nothing can
The feeling
Of sorrow

The sadness
Of being alone
The pain
Of the loneliness
It all adds up
To a great
Ball of

It’s not
Some great
It’s something
You’d rather
Discard of
To disconnect
From your existence

Is stuck
To you
Like glue
You find
The one
Who loves
Like you


Posted: May 12, 2013 in Poem
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What’s love?
It’s warm
It’s sweet
And full
Of hugs

Love is essential
Love is everywhere
Whether you know
It or not

Love is hard
It can be easy
Or just plain

No matter what
You can’t run
Away from
This love

The beautiful
Feeling of