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Worst Day Ever

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Just talk
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It was a good morning. I was waking up to the chirping birds and the bright sun, with a swoosh in my hair. I got ready for school singing a song by Katy Parry and singing my soul out, even though it sounded like a rat was dying in a corner. Not! It was a terrible morning. I was as groggy and mean like those short little gremlins, that turn ugly when wet. The bird weren’t chirping, it was more like a screeching pierce in the air that could get Rick Ross running out the country to safety. Sunny and bright? Yeah right, more like an evil smirk with a red “halo” trying to burn me to a crisp like little ants.


That morning was terrible! Why you ask? You’ll find out when I’m finished talking.

Now then, where did i leave off? Oh yes, I remember. I woke up that morning in a haze from staying up all night finishing my homework and studying for a mountain load of tests quizzes. Remembering what i had to do that day, I stomped over to the bathroom and started brushing my teeth, while looking into the mirror. “I look like a burned bush with dead animals thrown into it,” I told myself with a half frown. Then I went to take my shower and guess what happens next, I fell and hit my back on the edge of the tub! Oh what a disaster, now I had to go to school with a back ache, what else can go wrong? The answer to that is plenty!

Skipping ahead to my ride to school, I went into the passenger seat with my dad in the driver seat. I was peace and quiet at first, where I could collect my thoughts and brace myself for the school day. But no that plan was foiled once my dad started talking, I was so irritated afterwards that I don’t even remember what he was talking about. All I can remember is walking into school looking i could shoot lasers out my eyes and pulverize someone to oblivion. In the end I didn’t but just one more push and i was ready to blow with the vengeance of the devil!


By the end of the day, that push didn’t come, but I was definitely more stressed than that morning. You know what can fix all this? A good dinner, some soda, a movie,a book and a good night rest! Thankfully the next day was a Saturday.Image


Did anyone else have a bad day? Go ahead and let off some steam!